Monday, December 23, 2013

Massage Recipes
I was talking to a client yesterday about teaching and training other therapists. She is a nurse who has trained countless other nurses in several settings. She was telling me that I have a very knowledgeable, confident, knowing touch which is hard to translate when teaching others the same techniques. She equated it to recipes. She has a saying, as a Southern Grandmother, "You can give away a recipe, but you can't give away the flavor."

That was an interesting and very true analogy. The reason I use so many metaphors when I educate my colleagues and my clients, is to give more depth to exactly how, where, and why I use the specific techniques that I do. I love Alton Brown, the Food Network star of Good Eats, Feasting on Asphalt, and currently Cut-throat Kitchen. He doesn't just perform recipes on the screen, he gives some science, some personal experience, and some creative alternatives to conventional methods. He has some standard rules like "Organization will set you free" and "Don't buy a Uni-tasker." I have some massage rules like "Slower is better" and "Stretch it before you Poke it." If I can become a true educator, like Chef Brown, I feel that I can convey the techniques with enough depth to "Give away the flavor." 

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