Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fourth and Goal

Fourth quarter of the year so I thought it was about time to checkup on my list of goals...

I've had to drastically alter some things, such as moving to Tennessee, which was going to happen in August. I'm in Tampa for another year, at least. My wife lives with me again and our stress level about the housing situation is hugely improved by our move from Land o Lakes to Tampa. That was mainly due to landlord issues that were beyond our control, unless we completely separated ourselves from the situation, which we did. Lowered stress level is a significant improvement for our health, so while I could not have planned on it specifically on a list of goals, the final result is a step in a healthful direction.

Driving one of these Big Boy Trucks
The move was hard work in terms of physical labor, but thankfully, I'm as healthy as I have ever been during a move, so it was a nice pat on my back to feel fine- even after several strenuous days. I was careful to eat bananas, drink plenty of water, and to pace myself all along the way. Surprisingly, the big increase in driving during the moving week seemed to fatigue me more than the actual heavy lifting. I got a 90 minute massage at the end of our moving week which helped me sleep better, even on an inflatable mattress, and greatly minimized soreness. Massage really works!

My main personal goals on the official list were re-connection with the Wife and regular Bible study. Having my wife move back in with me after 3 months out of state obviously helped our relationship. As soon as she got back, we started prepping for the move, which took most of my waking time away from work. I have read very little of anything lately, especially my Bible. Hopefully my spiritual journey will resume after my earthly journey calms down a bit. We have several churches to try based on several recommendations from friends and family. Finding a church home will strengthen the Wife relationship as well.

This is what I use- not fishy at all. 
Physical goals were very diet and nutrition oriented: More veg, less meat, low fat and low processed sugar, about 50% raw whole foods, less caffeine, and eat or drink leafy greens daily. I did great when I was on my own- lost some weight, felt great, awesome digestion, clear skin. As is the story of my married life, as soon as I get in a good diet routine, we end up really broke and can't afford the optimal food choices. If nothing else, I am certain to eat plenty of bananas and leafy greens. I've learned that about myself- that I miss those when I don't eat them. I've also added spirulina to my smoothie regimen, which is amazing nutrition for the price.
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Also on the physical list were Run 5k in 30 minutes by May and sleep more. Running will resume very soon, now that we are in a more pedestrian friendly neighborhood with good lighting at night. The distance and stop watch times are nowhere near what I had planned, but I don't feel like crap when I do run short sprints with the dog, so I'm not too concerned about picking up the routine again.

More, better sleep is also more attainable in our new home, for many reasons. The main thing I've learned from this goal setting exercise this year, in terms of sleep, is how to notice in myself when I need to get more sleep- more awareness of  how I feel, with or without quality sleep time.

Long story short, my goal setting has made me more aware of these aspects of my health - I pay attention to them more, whether I meet the goals or not.

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