Thursday, October 3, 2013

10 Year Old Massage Therapist

Happy Folding Sheets in 2003
As I sneak up on my 10th anniversary as a licensed massage therapist in the state of Florida, I've been thinking about the beginning of my career frequently, lately. My first year with a license had me running all over Brevard County doing independent contracts for several resorts along the coast. During that year, I met the woman of my dreams, a massage therapist as well, and got engaged. Once we got married and moved to Tallahassee for her to attend FSU, I got sidetracked from my massage career while I worked for the Department of Children and Families using a completely different skill-set. 5 years later, we moved to Tampa and I started full time as a massage therapist again. During these 3 and a half years in Tampa, I feel like I've grown, developed, evolved, and blossomed as a massage therapist.

Also lately, I've been thinking about the business/entrepreneurial side of my career much more. I recently read a Lifehacker article about personal branding for introverts (like me). It spoke of the advantage we have in forums like blogging and social networking in terms of focusing our alone time to find a voice that resonates with a larger audience- as opposed to an extrovert who is handshaking at live events giving out one business card at a time along with a 3 minute sales pitch to only a couple of people.

In my 10 year career, my brand has changed many times to fit the establishment I was working for. When I try to do something independent with a private client, I feel like I'm carrying over whatever "product" I sell at the establishment. That works really well, now that I'm a Massage Envy guy, since they are trying to be as accessible as possible to as many customers as possible.

All that being said, it turns out that this blog is exactly my chosen route to finding my personal brand. What sets me apart as a therapist in this very competitive market, is the extra mile of nerdiness that I revel in. Every book, documentary, seminar, scholarly journal and newspaper article I consume that can tie into health, wellness, and massage, helps to define who Tom Maxson, LMT really is. Once I can write down the important pieces of those information sources and apply it to either my health or a client's health, I consider it to be properly assimilated into my arsenal of healing tools. Better yet, I can share that with the world, thanks to the blogosphere, and help even more people than one at a time.

To wrap this up, I also want to mention how grateful I am to still feel child-like in my awe of the human body and its healing processes. Hence the "10 Year Old" wording in the title. The more I learn, the more I want to learn. I hope to never lose that.

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