Friday, December 7, 2012

Fat People Falling

According to Google, "Fat People Falling" is the search phrase most responsible for most of my Pageviews here on this blog...HA! I bet those people were disappointed when they got here!

I just realized I missed my Blogo-versary. I'm into my 13th month of blogging about health and wellness, not including "Fat People Falling," "Fat People Sex," or "Fat People on Fire" - all of which have been Google searched and created consequent traffic on this blog. I'm baffled!

So what have I been rambling on about all year? Lots of juice and veggies, an ongoing case study on a massage client, several books and documentaries I've come into contact with, with a consistent undercurrent of a paleo-primal diet vs. a vegan whole foods diet.

Did Tom Heal this year? Yes, most definitely. Personally I feel more vibrant than I ever have. I continue to understand how my body works academically and practically. I've discovered many more ways to enjoy more natural foods and how they affect my body. Mentally, I've been able to unravel a bunch of stressors in my life, just by gaining perspective and some world view updates in my hard-headed drive.

On the giving end of healing, I feel that I have adapted several new techniques and a greater holistic understanding of what my massages are doing to benefit my clients. I'm going to finish my Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy certification later this month. I feel like I'm learning and evolving every single day that I get to touch more people. I've also had more consistent clients this year, because I've been in the same clinic and on the same schedule for two and a half years now (as of Nov 20th). I actually have a following of folks who get consistent results from me, which is a gold mine of data for a hyper-analytical guy like me.

Specifically, my foot work is taking some leaps and bounds lately- plantar fasciitis and relief for runners has been a focus for me, thanks to Erik Dalton's video about plantar fasciitis. I've been able to apply it to dancers, runners, teachers, and high heel wearers. Thanks to my wife's ingenuity when trying to fix a headache I had from playing a 3D video game too long, I have some new scalp and temple techniques I'm experimenting with. The MAT level 1 videos have completely changed how I see and feel the spine and supporting muscles from the pelvis up. New stretches from a NMT/MFR integration class I took have been useful almost every day for me and my clients.

Overall, I am loving my body and loving my job more and more everyday. This blog has allowed me to clarify and examine what I've been learning from all kinds of sources. It has turned into much more of a personal scrapbook than a public wellness resource, but I'm not necessarily apologetic about that- especially if my audience is actually concerned with the antics of Fat People!

I've posted 62 total posts. This year's posts I'm proudest of: Why Myofascial, How Did You Get Into Massage Therapy, Why ME, Hydration, InterSEXtion, Food Stuffs, Case Study, Not So Fast.

The best book I've read in years and have yet to blog about since I just finished it last night: Use Your Brain to Change Your Age

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