Saturday, November 17, 2012

Quick Update

October hit me like a mack truck so I've been overwhelmed with business busy-ness. I want to recap some of the projects I'm working on:

Reading the 4 hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss. It's nowhere near the health focus of the 4 Hour Body, but it provides deep insight into cultural paradigms that waste time and cause useless stress. There are countless ways to minimize stress by tweaking your lifestyle here. Worth the read so far, even if it jumps from topic to topic frequently- everything from outsourcing email tasks to world travel. Notable quote that blew my mind: "Regret is past-tense decision making. Eliminate complaining to minimize regret." I couldn't agree more.

Diet wise, I've been hardcore on the fruit consumption and loving every minute. I ran out of bananas a couple days ago and haven't made it back to the farmer's market. You might call it addicted behavior because I feel withdrawal from my 15ish banana a day habit. I'm also going through a LOT of apples of all types, because they are in season and keep my energized to take on the massage world. I was worried that the end of watermelon season was going to crimp my frugivorous style, but apples and bananas have kept me going strong. 

Dr. Amen's brain research has also blown my mind this month. I'll post more about him soon. 

My upcoming reading list includes Mosby's Massage Career Development Series Sports & Exercise Massage Textbook- a gift from a colleague and friend. A loaner from the same friend: The Gerson Therapy- The proven nutritional program for Cancer and Other Illnesses, will give me some really solid, time tested juicing and whole food info. 4 hour work week also has kept me web-surfing to countless blogs and resources for different topics as well. 

Still haven't finished the Myoskeletal Alignment certification, but after Thanksgiving, for sure. 

The world massage conference was broadcast online this past week and I have a registration for it- I'm still contemplating paying the $50 bucks for 50 hours of CE credit- that's a ridiculously good deal. 

That's enough for now!

Grace, Peace, Love, and Wellness...Learn it, Grow it, and Live it!

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  1. I realize it's half way through November already too...