Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sports Massage VLOG

This is my first attempt at video editing of me talking. I'm just kind of rambling about Sports Massage because I can riff on that without too much scripting- or any at all.

Ultimately I want to build some research based, educational massage therapy related content for my Youtube channel. One thing at a time, right? The truck cab makes a good studio and the steering wheel makes a decent tripod. The sun is kind of washing me out though.

Windows Movie Maker isn't all bad. I would love a way to add some tickers, extra links and pop up facts along with my freckly face. I already had to convert my Android camcorder format to something usable in the editing software...ahhhh technology.


So to update, I'm now using a webcam that gives me a decent sound quality and has more adjustable settings than my android. I deleted the original video from youtube because it was so poorly executed. Here is the latest incarnation of my Sports Massage Speech:

Still a work in progress, of course.


  1. My first You Tube upload:

    Subscribe to my channel, "TomMaxsonLMT" so you can see content that contains actual content, when I create it, later.

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