Friday, July 6, 2012

Fast Food Makes me Feel Slow

On the surface, it looks like a pro athletic, pro exercise campaign.

Taco Bell wants us to live more, and so does professional baseball.

The Fine Print- it's an App for an electronic device.

This side speaks for itself- "So Real, It's Unreal"
When I'm in a bind and I have to pick the lesser of all available evils, my fast food of choice is Taco Bell. That started when I was a vegetarian in my 20's and no other typical fast food offered anything entree like without meat. Now that I'm not a Veg, I still lean towards the Border because it's fast, cheap, and different than the typical beef and potato choices at McDonalds and Burger King. The other day, I found myself in the aforementioned bind and drove thru the closest Taco Bell and ordered the Big Box- I chose the one that did not have Doritos involved, assuming it had to be more healthy. HA!

I ended up with a burrito form of nachos- the window cling said it best- "It's Nachos in a Burrito." There was literally corn chips, nacho cheese, sour cream, and about a teaspoon of ground beef inside a huge white sticky flour tortilla. Zero vegetation. It was like eating nacho cheese soup with a spoon made of simple carbs.

The box also contained a beef burrito with cheese, a teaspoon of tomatoes and maybe a breath of onions. No corn chips though.

There was a crunchy taco- also beef, cheese, with a tablespoon of shredded lettuce. Lastly a huge soda. It was like Supersize Me all over again- Is that actually considered a viable meal? It's all in a box together like a combo that should be eaten in a single serving by one person. Uggggh is all I had to say afterward.

In my defense, I had driven through 90 minutes of tropical storm conditions and had a very limited amount of time to get somewhere. As I ate some, not all, of the boxfull, I noticed the ridiculous marketing campaign on that box which was trying to convince me to enjoy a game of virtual baseball on a cellphone. Weird way to "Live Mas" if you ask me. After eating the meal, I felt like I was going to Live Menos, or perhaps not at all for a few minutes.