Sunday, June 10, 2012

You're a Good Audience

As we approach Father's Day, I found myself thinking about my Step-Dad today. When he married my Mom, he had four adult children. My sister and I were grade school age. I was the youngest of the six siblings. My Step-Dad has always been extremely outgoing in all situations. He's a people person and I'm the opposite- a shy, introverted, loner type of person. Those early years of getting to know my new dad figure were full of him trying to get me out of my shell.

To this day, his personable personality comes out constantly because he has decades of practice with certain puns, plays on words, jokes, and slick one liners. No waitress is safe. Being the youngest child, every joke was new to me and I always thought everything was funny every time. Dad constantly complimented me back handedly on being a "good audience" as opposed to saying I'd laugh at anything, no matter how silly and unsophisticated. For example, he uses the words "serious" and "cereal" interchangeably, to add levity to intense conversations.

After several of those intense conversations, while teaching me to drive, I went to the nearest Department of Motor Vehicles to get my very first Driver's License. With my Driver's Ed voucher in hand, I saw a poster on the wall opposite where they take the Driver's License photos. That poster had a really funny picture of a baby orangutan and it said, "If you want a better picture, bring a better face."

Sometimes it's good to do massage on clients who are buying what I'm selling. I like it when I actually connect with clients who need what I do and take some ownership of their bodies before, during and after the limited time I am with them. They are a good audience. They want a better massage, so they bring a better body. It takes way more time than I have with you to be a healthy, flexible, low stress person- I'm just here to point you in the right direction. 

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