Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The single most important thing you can do for your Stress

I just watched this neat video about how we deal with stress. Basically the moral of the 11 minute story is that by re-framing how we think about situations, we can change them from stressors into useful information. There was also a bit about writing letters to yourself or others about stressful situations and then evaluating it without actually sending the letter to the offending parties. I think it was part of the "Cognitive Behavior" segment.

I've been thinking about writing a personal blog on one of my other favorite topics: Sex. More specifically, how it fits into marriage and healthy adult relationships. I don't want to post that stuff here, because it's quite important to separate sexual touch from therapeutic massage therapy and other healing modalities, which is what this blog is about. Sexual contact is completely outside the scope of legitimate massage therapy licensure and practice and will therefore be outside the scope of this blog, generally speaking.

Sex gives me constant stress and I have piles of letters to write to many people. By creating another blog, I'm going to turn this letter writing exercise into a journaling research exercise. I don't want to dwell on how I was wronged in the past, just where I am going from here...which is part of my personal healing process. Stress is bad and I need a plan on how to handle this major stress generator in my life, so that Tom can heal.

A Pain That I'm Used To

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