Friday, June 1, 2012

Down with the Sickness

After a string of uplifting posts about juicing veggies, I am saddened to say I got seriously ill one day this week- consequently messing up my "scientific" juicing spree. My 15 month old niece came into town this week for Memorial Day weekend. My sister had to stop several times during the trip and clean up lots of gross oozing from the baby, who was sick with some kind of stomach bug. The first 2 days of the weekend that I saw the baby, it was from across the room for less than 5 minutes. Hardly direct contact, because she was sleeping off the poo sickness.

On Monday, the family met at Grandmom's house to do some business which required some signatures from some of us, so we passed the baby around a bit to keep her occupied. The results were catastrophic! I think the count is up to 8 now of affected, infected people who were there that day. Typically, I have a very strong digestive tract. Top to bottom. I can eat way too much of really foolish foods and have little more than lethargy as a side effect. Tuesday and Wednesday, however, I set a new standard of gastric distress for myself. I drank my aforementioned beet, celery, carrot, cucumber juice, in hopes of alkalizing and calming my GI tract with nutritious, easily assimilated and high water content juices. Since the Wife had been sick the evening before I thought I was preparing myself. I was wrong.

The sickness acted like a severe but quick (24 hour) stomach virus. It could not have been food poisoning because so many of us ate totally different things due to very specific dietary restrictions and the timing of the baby having it several days ahead of us.

After a couple days now of nursing myself back to health with plenty of fluids to rehydrate (I lost a lot of fluids for about 24 hours in several not fun ways) and very light foods (spaghetti noodles and green peas), I slept through last night and am refreshed again. I intend to get back to my juicing regimen today before returning to work. I am also convinced that I need to be nicer to my tummy overall- again I'm thinking fresh raw vegetation. I bought some bananas, pears, and a watermelon yesterday to keep myself light for a few more days.

Thankfully, Sister and Baby are back home safely and over their respective bouts with the pestilence du jour. As Deolal Mahabir, my Zen Shiatsu instructor, stated during the class I took from him, "All sickness is home sickness." Meaning anyone in the family who is sick creates an imbalance in the greater family unit. Very true, in this case- even the smallest member of the family had a huge impact!

***check out the link to Deolal's bio, since I don't know what title to give him, because he has such diverse training in so many unconventional fields, over so much time. There are pictures of his lovely family too.

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