Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mrs. R. Case Study Treatment Timeline

I realized I didn't put much timing info in the last post...

#1 Thursday May 3rd.           25 mins interview, 30 mins hands on
#2 Tuesday May 8th              2 hours assessment, hands on with stretching/ROM testing
#3 Thursday May 10th           2 hours hands on
#4 Saturday May 12th           2 hours hands on
#5 Wednesday May 16th       2 hours hands on
#6 Monday May 21st            2 hours hands on
#7 Wednesday May 23rd      50 mins hands on

Each appointment involved a lot of dialogue regarding the treatment plan, Mrs. R's perceptions, needs, feelings and the like. I didn't jump into several 2 hour massages without interviewing or asking her anything, obviously.

Altogether it was about 11 hours of hands on time, over 20 days.

Next tentative appointment is Thursday the 31st, due to Memorial Day weekend and her class term starting the 29th.

June 9th- Visit with MD who prescribes the pain meds.

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