Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Juice is Loose!

Just stopped at the Land o Lakes Farmer's Market for some vegetation to juice, since I've been feeling moody and fatigued lately. I'm still learning my body's warning signs that I need certain nutrients. For example, when I tried to go hardcore vegan for the first time (9ish years ago) I learned the difference between needing protein and needing carbs. With low protein, I feel it all in my neck and head- a dull ache. Low blood sugar just makes me sleepy and grouchy. I've perfected this balance especially well over the past year with a much higher protein, low carb diet, as I've explained in painstaking detail already, here.

With veggie juice craving, I feel more a lack of benefits, than a specific ache or deficit. When I drink it, my mind clears, I feel like effective problem solving, at least the transcendent type of thinking, is easier. Without the juice, I feel minimal, like my problems are a part of me and I can't see things objectively. Juice gives me more satisfying energy levels, than a cup of strong coffee that has an accompanying nervous, wired feeling.

I've been worried about the budget lately, because let's face it, who isn't worried about their budgets lately. I decided, however, that cutting out the veg was a stupid way to save money. A little Youtubing found a video or two about juicing on a budget. Admittedly, Dan is a character, but very informative and prolific with the informational videos about juicing.

We've been shopping at the Land o Lakes Farmer's Market for several months now. It's hard not to walk away with something free there- today they gave me a huge handful of serrano peppers just because they were a couple days old. I bought a huge pile of veg for $25! Dan the Life Regenerator mentioned throwing a jalapeno into the juicer and I wanted to try that, but they were out today, so I went with the serranos. According to "The high nutritional value of serrano peppers is probably one reason why it is popularly applied in so many styles of cooking. As compared to many other citrus fruits, serrano peppers do have higher vitamin C content. It is high in fiber, too. Many independent studies claim that the ingredients found in a Serrano pepper are potent in reducing the risk of stomach cancer." Would lie to you?

The aforementioned $25 Pile of Veg

Taking Dan the Life Regenerator's advice, I am using carrots "the beauty food" and celery as the base. Cucumbers were huge and 2 for $1. The beets are hugely nutritious, last a long time, and were the  most expensive component of my purchase. I think they cost about $9. The peppers were free. The apples are for Kayla.

Most of the beets were bigger than a granny smith too!
I can easily get through a whole week on these veggies. I got a quart of juice out of about an 1/8 of the total produce pile.

All laid out to go in the Breville

Just the one, softball sized beet.

The 1 Quart line on the Pampered Chef Large Batter Bowl

Two of these very nutritious glasses of juice later, I felt GREAT!

So the 2 serranos definitely added a kick- similar to the mouth feel when you put a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a large mug of hot chocolate. With such a thick, rich juice, it was hardly overpowering, just a nice warming sensation. 

I have a friend going through the 10 day Master Cleanse and is posting daily video blogs on her facebook page. Since I'm doing manual labor (air conditioned, well moisturized labor) several hours a day, I think I would have a hard time maintaining that activity level while drinking only teas and other very watery concoctions. The idea reminded and inspired me that adding a couple glasses of very tasty, satisfying juice to my regular diet, or in place of less healthful foods, would be a positive step in the right direction. I wanted to buy a week's worth of veggies and drink the same juice recipe every day. Until now,  I have not been consistent with mixtures, frequency or incorporation into my regularly scheduled diet. 

$25 for one week of this experiment seems like a small price to pay for the potential benefit!

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