Friday, May 18, 2012

A Couple of Food Pyramids

Last night I had a client who is obese and has diabetes. I felt bad because I know that my massage was not helping that much in her overall journey towards health- if she's making any real forward progress at all. Today I stumbled upon this article on my Facebook feed from the plant juice Reboot folks from Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead: "A Plant Based Diet May Prevent or Even Reverse Type 2 Diabetes."

The documentary and the spinoff blog and reboot site are all about changing perspective. Plants are food. Plants are medicine. Plants generate life. Animal products are poison. Animal products cause disease. Animal products promote death. I still need plenty of reminders that the pyramid and perspective I grew up with are outdated, inaccurate, and CHANGEABLE.

Then I connected with a new facebook page in my quest to network with the massage therapy world; a fellow ABMP member, Harmony Wellness Massage in Olympia, WA. They posted a Raw Food Pyramid which pushed the Plant Based Diabetes Prevention article's pyramid even further to the vegetation side of the culinary spectrum.

The caption on this raw pyramid said something about eating lighter for the warm months. I've always felt that it's ridiculous not to enjoy all the amazing, fresh, local produce, being a Floridian. I am again, inspired and challenged to invest in my health by putting more and more leafy greens on my plate and in my juicer. Prevention and reversal of damage to our bodies is so easy. I wish I knew a way to share that motivation with clients who seem to be barely keeping their head above water, nutritionally speaking.

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