Monday, April 16, 2012

Health Tax

While doing my taxes the other day, I started thinking about a health model comparable to a financial model. Meaning, you have to invest health over time to get compounded health later.

Likewise, I started thinking about ways we tax our bodies every day or week- what holds us back from our goals incrementally? Financially I'm constantly thinking, "What if I didn't have to pay taxes? Would I be substantially wealthier?" A Tea Party perspective, if you want to look at it politically. At an old office job I had, there was cake for some occasion or another at least twice a week. That cake was always from a supermarket bakery and was comprised mostly of Crisco, powdered sugar, and food coloring. It always felt like the same question- could I be markedly healthier if I never gave away a small percentage of my health on a regular basis?

I had a mild cold for the past two weeks and I was very careful to avoid all processed sugar and refined carbs. I also juiced piles of veggies and took copious amounts of vitamins in pill form. I drank gallons of water and ate a whole watermelon by myself over a few days. I was trying to gather all the loose change under the couch cushions and deposit every bit of health back into the bank so I wouldn't overdraw again. I was already paying off one overdraft fee with the current sickness- to push that metaphor to it's utmost limit.

The point is, daily habits add up- maybe it's time to re-examine if they're building us up or breaking us down, in the long run.

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