Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Before and Before Pics

June 2010
 I've been trying to find good before and after pictures because a picture is worth a thousand words. This pic is of Kayla and me at our going away from Tallahassee lunch at the Red Elephant. This is a clear vision of how pudgy I was. 5 years of sitting at a desk and eating super sugary cake at least weekly for whatever office party was happening. It's not that I've ever felt grossly obese or anything...what's more important to me is that I couldn't do the things I wanted to do without getting winded. I was also really moody all the time from blood sugar fluctuations, which I didn't know until well after the fact.

August 2010
August 2010
People talk about yo-yo dieting and having clothes which only fit part of the year, or every few years. I had a strong resolve once we moved to Tampa to get more active- hence adopting our greyhound mix puppy ensure that I would have to keep moving. This was the morning after we brought her home from the pound. A quick walk around the block was all I could manage, especially in the summer humidity. It struck me that I had to buy size Extra Large workout clothes so I could get down to a 
Medium body. That particular combination of brainwaves had never occurred to me before.

 My maternal grandfather passed away at the age of 72 when I was almost 7 years old.  I have been told that I look exactly like him in a lot of ways. In these two pictures with Peanut, I see his face looking back at me- what I remember of him with advanced diabetes and 40 more years of age. He was a good looking guy, but I prefer to look like the comparably aged version, instead of the unhealthy version.

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