Friday, December 9, 2011

Stress vs. Stagnation

Stress is ever present, but you can't shelter yourself forever. Since you can't eliminate stress, you have to learn to deal with it in an efficient way. Stress shapes who we are and how we interact with the world. All change is basically a form of stress and it's probably the most common source of stress in our modern, fast paced world. Correspondingly, we must deal with change as we deal with stress- efficiently.

As I embark on a hobby of running, I've been thinking about therapeutic properties of regular, aerobic exercise. I want to approach this as if I am building up my health, not breaking it down, recovering, overworking again, and cycling through pain and exercise to harmful extents. That's what I see in many of my clients who do marathons and triathlons, unless they take years to build up to that elite status.

That being said, I must start slow and steady- a little bit every day, so here I go for a short, peaceful run to build up some oxygen and pump up my heart for a long night of healing some folks who haven't found my blissful, lofty, take on stress relief yet.

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