Thursday, November 3, 2011


The juicing is both good and bad because I'm making healthful, tasty beverages, but spending a lot of money in the experimentation process. I am saving money however, by juicing produce that was on the edge of going bad, such as a half eaten watermelon. By adding some mint leaves and apple to the mix, I made one of the best juices yet!

I just spent $20 more at Publix in the produce department but I think I'm paying more for convenience than quantity. I need to get on the local farmer's market scene sooner rather than later.

I read an article about making smoothies and how it can be a better application for leafy greens than plain juice. I don't really know the difference except that one is made in a blender. We don't have an upright blender, but do own a  stick blender that seems to handle any kind of fruit well in a single serve smoothie setting. So...what if I blend some leafy greens in water before adding them to my Breville-ized juice? Parsley and Cilantro were specifically mentioned as difficult greens to juice, but invaluable with health benefits, like some of the most potent dosages of Vitamin C available outside of a pill.

It's only been one day but I feel good and haven't had any adverse affects. I also had a Thai massage today which felt great as usual and definitely helps Tom Heal!

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