Sunday, November 6, 2011

Side Effects

My wife has started selling Pampered Chef products and was practicing slicing veggies with their various implements the other day. I took a bunch of those leftover veggies last night, threw in some eggs and made a delightful zucchini, red onion, mushroom, and tomato fritata. That's an excellent side effect of her new business!

I think I'm feeling some side effects of juice too. I keep getting little spells of lightheadedness that pass in a few seconds. Kind of like getting a real slight buzz on beer. That's the most drunk I've ever been, so I can't compare it well to that. No other blood flow related scary problems like arm or leg numbness or racing heart beat. More like low blood pressure as if I stood up too fast after sitting a long time.

It  started after I discovered that using the stick blender to liquefy kale and cilantro in water before adding it to the juicer juice was very effective and "greenified" my juice greatly. With that process I get  more fiber and waste none of the dense nutrients. I need to slow down and drink my concoctions less quickly and maybe I won't get as buzzed! The other night at work was the first such incident of dizzy/wobbly feelings and I hadn't eaten anything but a huge cup of juice for lunch. These side effects happened at about 6pm...I blame low blood sugar and high blood nutrients...a swift kick in the cellular metabolism if you will.

Too much coffee that day too so now I'm going to ween myself back down to decaf only for a while. With the cooler weather coming on, I don't want to give up my morning comforts just yet, but one cup a day will be fine.

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