Saturday, November 19, 2011

She's Not My Type

No really, my wife is type O and I'm type B. Since I've been reading Eat Right for Your Type regarding the blood type correlating diet, I've learned several interesting facts about why my vegetarian diet made me much less healthy than my current eggs and sausage fueled habits.

For example, my usual diet for at least a year and a half at DCF included pretzels dipped in peanut butter...and I mean a LOT of peanut butter consumption; corn chips dipped in salsa mixed with black beans; weekly trips to Cici's pizza buffet where everything is made out of tomatoes, wheat, and corn syrup; and finally copious amounts of oatmeal made with a big splash of cinnamon. Blood type B's list of foods to avoid includes all Wheat, Peanuts, Corn, Tomatoes, Black Beans, and Cinnamon. These ingredients agglutinate the blood and cause weight gain. Especially Tomatoes and Wheat! They're the worst!

Eat Right for Your Type also says that type B's do really well on a high protein, low carb diet including low fat dairy. My 30ish pounds of weight loss over the last year was accomplished by eating primarily eggs, turkey sausage and cottage cheese which are all "Highly Beneficial" to my type and encourage weight loss. So now, if I just tweak a couple things, like removing tomatoes and wheat from my diet as much as possible, I should have no problems. For example, switching from marinara sauce to cream based sauce will actually be better for me. I like alfredo more anyway. An olive oil, herb Pesto is a lower fat, higher nutrient option which can also be highly beneficial. I love rice and quinoa noodles so there's appropriate pasta alternatives to put it on.

With my quickly developing juice habit, I can incorporate plenty of the highly beneficial veggies from the book such as kale, beets, and cabbage. I've already juiced and enjoyed those several times. Almost all vegetation is either neutral or beneficial to me. I don't care for tomato juice anyway and even if I included that in my recipes, it would probably balance out with all the other good stuff.

Then there's the chicken issue. Chicken is one of the worst possible foods I can eat. Meat-wise I should stick to lamb, venison, rabbit, or mutton with beef and turkey as acceptable neutral options. The HB ones are either expensive or foreign to me, so beef and turkey are the staples for now. Of course, everybody thinks chicken is healthier than beef, but in actuality, at a fast food place, they're about equal- especially when placed on a fluffy white wheat bun! Or batter dipped and fried chicken- that's obviously a no-no.All forms of pork are out as well but don't we all know that bacon is bad for us? That's what makes it so fun to eat!

 It's kinda difficult to keep reading conflicting dietary advice, but it's nice to keep finding stuff that works for me too, so I'm not going to stop looking for the best dietary course of action for myself and my family. Since Kayla is a type O, several of the key avoid foods are the same, like wheat and corn. We can both have rice and oats, so we just have to shop for slightly different cereals. She's supposed to embrace her carnivorous side and excluding sweets made of wheat products should be an obvious goal anyway. High protein, low carb has worked so well for me so far I don't want to stop and that's the best plan for her too, according to the book. I guess we'll see what happens now that we have the app on the ipad for her to learn the finer details of her type as well.

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