Thursday, November 10, 2011

Into the Deep End

I came up with some ideas for one of my LMT continuing ed class curricula I'm developing. The plan is to describe, in pain staking detail, the soft tissue of the human body in watery terms- oceans, the Indian River Lagoon, fish tanks and puddles. I have several hands on examples in mind in a Good Eats style demo. It's funny that even on a day with limited massage work time, I had more than enough time to formulate all these ideas...turns out being in a quiet, peaceful, comfortably active setting is good for brain waves...Who Knew?!?

Then I got sent home early because I was working an extra shift and nobody was busy enough to warrant an extra dude on duty, so I came home and enjoyed my first Breville batch of beet juice with GREAT results. I love that machine! And beets really tone down the kale and parsley while adding some sweetness. With all three, and some apple and celery, it was a rich, dark, beautiful, hearty juice. Very tasty indeed.

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