Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm Pooped

As you were forewarned in the Benchmarks post, poop talk lies ahead...

I've been wondering, quite passively, but wondering, why I've been so regular whilst eating lots of animal proteins and very little fiber or vegetation over the last year. Vegetarians are SO proud of their regularity and frequently praise their lifestyle choice because of how poorly the human machine is fueled by meat. I agree with the theory that high fiber, live, raw veggies are incredibly helpful for health of the colon and more, but I'm still surprised with my personal experience here.

Thankfully my post title isn't true at all- I have plenty of energy and fairly vibrant health when I'm strict on the little to no carb diet. It's when I veer off course and eat half a sheet cake as a binge that I get all bound up inside and feel depressed and lethargic for a few days. That used to be the case when I ate beef. Kayla, being a meat eater was never inclined to be a vegetarian with me. Knowing what I know now, it would have killed her, most likely! She loves her steaks and I've tried bites here and there when she was raving about the tastiness of a particular slab of beef she was eating. I never cared for it at all.

I seem to be discovering that it's all about food grouping. As long as I eat JUST eggs and cheese and turkey sausage for breakfast with black coffee, which is a meal of almost zero carbs, I feel great. Not heavy or slow but sufficiently fueled for several hours. I generally have a predictable, comfortable bowel movement about an hour after that meal. When I change up that breakfast, like when I visit my mom and dad's house to have a breakfast that includes grits and biscuits with eggs and bacon, I feel fat, bloated, and exhausted for a couple hours after that meal. It's not really the amount of food either, since I eat 4 eggs and at least 2 servings of sausage every morning, which is a LOT of protein for one meal. Close to 40 grams I think.

I have not noticed much difference in my pooping with the inclusion of veggie juice. I tend to drink about a liter of freshly juiced juice at a time. I've read several reports of increased colon movement as folks detox on juice fasts, but maybe because I'm not fasting, things are staying more stable. I pee a lot more with the juice, but that follows if I'm adding more liquids to my day. I drink a lot of water as I work too, so hydration isn't really a key issue for my bowel movements either, since I'm already well lubed inside.

The moral of this story seems to be that I need to separate carb heavy meals from protein/fat heavy meals to be happy. That's the experience so far.

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