Thursday, November 3, 2011

Arrival of the Breville

While writing my post yesterday, my Breville 850 watt Juice Fountain Plus was delivered to my doorstep. It is a factory refurbished unit that looks and feels just like new to me. Cost "used" from was $129 plus $11 shipping- it took about a week to get here (Land o Lakes, FL) from Oregon by UPS.

I rushed to Publix to buy some produce. Kale is high on every juicer's list as a very dense, powerfully nutritive food and I specifically bought this model to handle Kale with other leafy greens. Naturally, I bought some kale along with apples, lemons, celery, parsley, mint and ginger. I read a recipe for "Green Lemonade" which used some of those ingredients and then my wife wanted a fruitier juice too which explains the others.

The Breville is dual speed, meaning there is a low and a high speed. Low is supposed to be for leafy greens and soft veggies. I cranked it up, put in a handful of the pre-chopped kale in the top and it all went straight in the pulp catch, providing about a half teaspoon of juice. Confused but not yet frustrated, I tried the parsley which was on nice crisp stalks. It too bounced off the blade and flew into the pulp catcher virtually unscathed. Just to be sure, I emptied the pulp back into a mixing bowl and tried it again- packing the parsley and kale bits tighter together as they went down the chute. This resulted in a pretty green shrapnel that launched all over me, the counter and the floor!

Several juicers on you tube videos talked about putting hard fruit in right behind leafier bits. One such juicing video maker named Dan the Life Regenerator never changed speeds on his juicer even though I'm pretty sure he's using exactly the same unit I have. I turned the juicer on high speed, put in half an apple, which kind of sat on top of the spinning blade, but wouldn't go through without pushing. Then I put green stuff on top of that, another half apple, and stacked it that way. The process seems to be working but I ran out of time to experiment more before work.

Another note...even the smallest piece of ginger was overpowering and I don't get how anybody can stand it in their juice- and that's coming from a pretty big fan of the stuff!

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